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Secured eGuard

Lock, monitor and log the ports.

Secured eGuard is a solution for controlling, monitoring and logging how information is sent and received to portable devices and removable media. Secured eGuard is deployed and managed centrally. Security administrators define policies that are automatically distributed to the endpoints using so called Endpoint Agents. These policies are enforced and all relevant events are communicated back to the Management Server. Close integration with enterprise directories and enterprise management systems enables easy deployment and extensive monitoring and reporting.

Data won't run away.
A Platform to build on.
Always on.
Make sure that users only use pre-approved endpoints such as USB flash drives, portable hard disks, iPod’s, mobile phones etc. Secured eGuard is a part of the Simple Encryption Platform, the worlds most scalable encryption platform. Start small and build at your own pace. Secured eGuard is non-invasive and never needs to show itself. If a user tries to move sensitive information to a non-authorized mobile device, it will just be denied. Secured eGuard is always on, lying in the background, quietly assuring that data doesn't escape.

Simple Encryption Platform Ready

Secured eGuard can easily be managed through the powerful SEP Administration Console, empowering the IT Administration to manage licenses, policies & user rights.

Advanced Security Agent

The Endpoint Agent is protected from attacks by processes, drivers, services and malicious code on your endpoint. It cannot be bypassed even by users who have administrative privileges to their endpoints.


The LiveUpdate function controls the software version of the Endpoint Agents. It automatically deploys updates when necessary, minimizing the administrative overhead.

Directory Integration

Endpoint Access Manager is well integrated with enterprise directory infrastructure such as Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory.

Enterprise Management Systems Integration

Endpoint Access Manager is well integrated with enterprise management systems such as CA Unicenter, CA eTrust and HP OpenView.

Comprehensive Reporter

Endpoint Access Manager records all endpoint I/O events in an SQL database. A flexible and intuitive reporting module allows administrators to submit customized queries and generate comprehensive reports on endpoint & end user activities.

Intelligent and Granular Policies

Endpoint Access Manager allows you to authorize specific devices, media and interfaces for specific PCs and users leveraging directory services.

Mobile Users Support

Mobile user endpoints are monitored and protected. The Endpoint Agent continues to enforce the policy even when the endpoint is not connected to the network.

Real-Time Notifications and Auditing

All I/O activities of the managed endpoints are notified in realtime to the Management Server and logged in a database.

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