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Secured eControl

Deny, Warn or Approve.

Secured eControl delivers Data Leak Prevention (DLP) beyond encryption. Deployed on the desktop, you can control the flow of information to any degree you wish. Ready-made policies for federal as well as state laws such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA etc, make it easy for customers worldwide to deploy a solution for content encryption. Secured eControl is managed and deployed from one central location within the enterprise or organization.

Wrong becomes right.
A Platform to build on.
Set & Forget.
Education is key.
Ever wrote an email and just as you press the Send-button, you realize that it was to "Joe" instead of "Joey"? With Secured eControl, you can rest assured that your sensitive information will not go to the wrong person. Secured eControl is a policy enforcement solution and part of the Simple Encryption Platform, the worlds most scalable encryption platform. Start small and build it at your own pace. Tell Secured eControl what and when to trigger and push it out to the clients. Then forget it’s there. Instead of simply forcing the user to encrypt "just because", Secured eControl will actually explain why they need to encrypt, thus automatically creating a more educated user base.

Automated Outbound Content Security

The integrated solution automatically discovers and encrypts sensitive information at desktop level, such as intellectual property and private customer, HR and financial information, based on content risk policy. Sensitive information can include personally identifiable information such as Social Security numbers (SSNs) and passwords, custom and pre-defined policies regulations such as for HIPAA, CA SB1386, EU Data Protection Act, SOX and others. In addition policy can protect confidential information such as financial disclosures and product plans. The Workshare Protect client educates users as it enforces content security policy. Rather than simply stopping business, the rich client warns & educates users in real-time about sensitive information and offers Secured eMail’s award winning encryption to protect the data.

Hidden Data / Metadata Removal

With the new Lightspeed™ cleaning capabilities of Secured eControl you can erase data located in hidden cells in Excel spreadsheets, clean confidential information stored in PowerPoint speaker notes, and ensure that modifications or deletions to copy in a Word document logged by the "track changes"-mode cannot be read by third-parties.

  • Clean hidden and metadata content
  • Protect unstructured and fingerprinted data types
  • Protection for virtually every office productivity application and enterprise computing platform.

Publish Tamper-Proof PDFs

Stop recipients from altering and viewing hidden data contained within your PDF documents. Tampering can leave your company at risk of non-compliance and damage your organizations brand.

  • Convert any document to a Secure PDF
  • Flexible publishing and complete PDF security options
  • Enforce automatic conversion of documents to Secure PDF before they can be sent emailed or transferred to removable media

Stop Violations in Real Time

Alert users to information policy violations instantly. Cryptzone’s integration with the most common applications means that you can alert and educate your employees who may be contributing to potential data leaks and not even know it.

  • Flag policy violations in real time using Smart Tags
  • Educate users about content to avoid with active task bar notifications
  • Enforce automatic conversion of documents to Secure PDF before they can be sent or transferred.
  • Password-protect documents or restrict them from being sent externally, or at all.

Strengthen Compliance Controls

Strengthen compliance controls over high-risk groups of customer-facing personnel, including outsourced customer service representatives and help-desk staff. Secured eControl strengthens the implementation, auditing, and documentation of compliance controls for PCI, GLBA, Basel II, CA SB 1386, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, the Japanese Personal Information Privacy Act, the European Privacy Directive, and more.

  • Automatically stops leaks of intellectual property at their origin
  • Keeps data safe and secure from embarrassing public disclosures
  • Monitor all communications at the client level
  • Alerts for data in use, at rest, and in motion—even when disconnected from the network

Enterprise-wide Policy Management

Centrally define, enforce, and monitor your information policies from a single, enterprise-wide console, ensuring a consistent policy across all users in the organization, or customized policies for groups within the organization.

  • Complete control over your protection and compliance policies
  • Disable user-definable policies at the client level
  • Enable users to enforce stricter policies than those set at the enterprise level

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