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Secured eDisk Protect

Full Hard Disk Encryption & laptop computer security

Secured eDisk Protect is a full hard disk encryption solution with 100% transparency. This eliminates threats associated with theft of hardware where the information is stored unencrypted. Secured eDisk Protect is also used extensively for encrypting the storage of servers containing sensitive and mission-critical information. Secured eDisk Protect is used for increased laptop computer security as well as an added layer of security for servers, workstations and storage units.

Install & forget.
A Platform to build on.
Always on.
Just install Secured eDisk Protect and wait for it to finish encrypting your drive(s). That’s it. Secured eDisk Protect is a hard disk encryption solution and a part of the Simple Encryption Platform, the worlds most scalable encryption platform. Start small and build at your own pace. Secured eDisk Protect is completely transparent. You simply work like you always have with files, folders, emails and other documents. It will all be saved encrypted automatically. Secured eDisk Protect is always on, lying in the background, quietly securing your sensitive and mission-critical information.

100% Hard Disk Encryption

Deployed worldwide by governments, corporations, and institutions to protect against security threats, Secured eDisk Protect provides the ultimate level of security by encrypting and decrypting all data ‘on the fly’ using strong, industry-proven certified encryption algorithms to protect confidential information residing on the hard disk against unauthorized disclosure.

Simple Encryption Platform Ready

Secured eDisk Protect can easily be managed through the powerful SEP Administration Console, empowering the IT Administration to manage licenses, policies and user rights.

Vulnerability of Data at Rest

Today, common threats include the misplacement of mobile devices, theft of PCs, laptops, and servers, as well as data theft when systems are discarded. The risk and severity of data theft is increasing due to four predominant factors:

  • The increasing value of data stored on computers
  • The increased use of mobile devices outside the secure network perimeter
  • The massive increase in the amount of data being stored
  • The progressive efforts and expertise of data hackers and data thieves

These factors, and the growing number of publicized data breaches, are driving more and more rules and regulations concerning data protection and privacy.

Easy Deployment and Management

Secured eDisk Protect delivers the ultimate ease of administration in networked environments of all sizes. The integration of administration management functionality into existing management systems (such as Microsoft® Active Directory®) ensures that administrators work within a familiar management environment. The ability to choose between centralized or client based systems & user policy management ensures your IT management practices are not dictated by the security product architecture. This provides full flexibility to fit into your organization's existing IT security policies.

Central Deployment

Secured eDisk Protect can be deployed and managed from a central location within the company, giving the administrator the ability to pre-set all necessary policy settings before rolling it out to users. Of course the administrator can change any and all policies after roll-out as well.

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