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Secure eUSB

Policy-based USB encryption with detailed inventory and reporting.

Every day, users misplace their USB flash drives or they get stolen. Due to the possibility of storing massive amounts of information on such a small device, a data breach can be enormous and bring not only financial damage, but also damage to the brand.

Secured eUSB is a USB encryption solution for maximum USB security and information control. It features extensive reporting and auditing capabilities which makes it possible to see what files are present on a secured and encrypted USB flash at any given time. Users can rest assured that even if they lose their USB drive, the information is locked away from prying eyes.

Insert & secure.
Report. Audit. Inventory.
Truly mobile security.
USB security On the fly.
Just insert the USB flash drive in your computer, and click Yes. That’s it. Secured eUSB is a removable media encryption solution and a part of the Simple Encryption Platform which features centralized reporting, auditing and inventory of users and their USB flash drives. A secured USB flash drive can be used in any Windows-based computer as all the software required for operating is on the drive. All you need is the password. Secured eUSB ensures USB security and encryption on-the-fly and you can rest assured that your data is kept away from prying eyes.

Secure any USB flash drive

Secured eUSB converts any existing USB flash drive, regardless of make, model, and storage capacity into a secured USB flash drive. Users can work with the information on any computer, even without administrative privileges. This is because the Secured eUSB software is run from the flash drive itself and places nothing on the host computer. This also ensures that the user interface is the same across any Windows 2000, XP, or Vista system.

A Platform to build on

Secured eUSB is tightly integrated with the Simple Encryption Platform (SEP). Secured eUSB is centrally managed through the SEP Management Console and SEP Server for easy administration of users, licenses, policies, user rights, reporting, auditing and inventory.

Extensive central reporting and inventory

Secured eUSB features centralized reporting, auditing and inventory of all users and their USB flash drives. This will prove, in case a flash drive is lost or stolen, that the data on the drive was in fact secured and what that information was. This ability is required by certain laws & regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and GLBA.

Intuitive workflow

The Secured eUSB solution empowers the users to encrypt USB flash drives through a click of a button. The users can then drag and drop files and folders to encrypt them on the secured USB flash drive. If the user removes the device from the computer it is automatically locked and secured.

Automated Password/Key management
The Secured eUSB solution comes with automated password/key management that eliminates the password headache for both users and IT administrators.

Recovery password

The Secured eUSB solution comes with a recovery password feature making it possible for business partners, clients and users to access encrypted USB flash drives even though the password is lost or forgotten.

Security travels with the secured USB flash drive

The security and access rights travel with the secured USB flash drive. The drive is encrypted with AES256 and files and folders that are moved to the secured USB are automatically wiped from its original location.

Brute force protection

The Secured eUSB solution have a built in brute force protection system.

Automatic Data Compression

Data is automatically compressed with an average rate of 1/5.

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