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Secured e-Mail

One-click, policy-based email encryption software

Secured eMail is an email security software that provides powerful end to end, easy to use email encryption. Email is commonly used to transmit sensitive or confidential information - including operational data, trade secrets, legal documents. Thanks to the Secured eMail Reader, recipients of secured emails do not need to purchase a license in order to read or reply secured.

Email security in a button.
A Platform to build on.
Automatic sync to all workstations
Policy-based, centralized backup & control
Experience the power of a transparent email security solution: Secured eMail. Just hit the Send secured-button and your email is encrypted and already on its way to the receiver. Secured eMail is an email encryption solution that is part of the Simple Encryption Platform, the worlds most scalable encryption platform. Start small and build it at your own pace. Secured eMail automatically syncs your settings, shared secrets and passwords to the SEP Server. This enables you to log in to any computer in the infrastructure and automatically receive your settings and secure channels for use with email encryption. Through centrally controlled policies, the Secured eMail client automatically backs up any and all settings to the SEP Server, enabling instant restore in case of a computer crash.

Simple Encryption Platform Integration

Secured eMail can easily be managed through the powerful SEP Administration Console, empowering the IT Administration to manage licenses, policies, user rights and to manage and set up secure communication groups through drag and drop experience.

Eases administrative burden with centralized management

The Secured eMail system, as a part of The Simple Encryption Platform, is managed from one central location.

An integrated email security solution

Secured eMail integrates with the email client providing the end user with a new button, "Send secured".

Send to anyone capability

It is possible to create branded receiving instructions with text, graphics and links. The receiver can download a Free Reader that includes unlimited free encrypted replies.

Enforced policy based email encryption

The Secured eControl add-on combined with the Secured eMail solution the enterprise can enforce the encryption action depending on the content of the email and its attachments. The Secured eControl solution comes prepacked with policies suitable for the most common regulations and corporate policies.

System access protection

For enterprises that need an extra layer of security the Secured eMail solution offers a System access feature protecting access to the secured data.

Complete data confidentiality

The Secured eMail solution protects the email and its content from the sending computer, on the network, on internet, and all the way to the receiving computer. The Secured eMail solution protects the data both inside and outside the enterprise and it is a perfect fit for organizations with outsourced email service.

System SKG encryption key technology

The Secured eMail solution is equipped with the latest technology for encryption, AES256. As an addition to that we offer the System SKG technology that increases security and cut IT administration costs that are usually associated with PKI solutions.

User logs

All user actions are logged and this is a perfect tool for organizations that have the need to backtrack encryption actions.

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