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Smart & Secure Product Line - Mikoh

Smart&Secure Merchandise Tag

Read Distance:
15-20 feet
Read Distance:
Approx. 4 inches
Read Distance:
15-20 feet

Unlike other RFID tags designed for retail applications, the Smart&Secure Merchandise Tag allows consumers to reduce the RFID read distance simply by unfolding the top layer of the tag, which decouples the tag’s antenna from its RFID chip and thereby ensures consumer privacy.

If the product is returned, the tag’s read distance can easily be restored by folding the tag closed again, making it fully usable in an inventory management system or reverse supply chain.


Smart&Secure Inform

Smart&Secure Inform technology disables an RFID tag if it is tampered with or moved. The tag cannot be transferred to counterfeit products, ensuring that a functional tag indicates a genuine product. Users can be certain that more than just the tag is being tracked.

Smart&Secure Insight

Smart&Secure Insight is a pressure-sensitive RFID tag that combines a dedicated conductive ink tamper circuit with an RFID chip and antenna. More advanced than Smart&Secure Inform tags, Insight tags alert an RFID reading device that tampering has occurred while maintaining the tag’s RFID functionality. This enables ongoing retrieval of data stored on the tag.


Smart&Secure Video

Smart & Secure Container - Mikoh

Smart&Secure Container

SecureContainer is a system designed to seal reusable plastic containers (RPCs) using low cost pressure-sensitive security seals, incorporating intellectual property licensed from the US National Security Agency (NSA).

The SecureContainer incorporates a unique closure mechanism that eliminates the need to clean the container between uses. The container is sealed by applying a security seal to a pair of disposable plastic inserts that are inserted into recesses in the container doors before the doors are closed.


Secure Container Video

SubScribe - Mikoh


SubScribe is a non-RFID patented process that employs subsurface laser marking technology for secure, rugged, and economical internal marking of metallised labels and seals. MIKOH offers SubScribe, a tamper indicating security seal, as an alternative solution for those not ready to transition to RFID. SubScribe employs subsurface laser marking for secure, rugged and economical internal marking of metallized labels and seals.

SubScribe is considered the benchmark security seal worldwide, being used by governments globally, and have been FIPS and SCEC certified for use in the US and Australian governments' highest security applications.

SubScribe can be built with a tamper-indicating label construction that causes the label to be destroyed if fully or partially removed.

SubScribe is a digital technology that laser-marks variable information, including:

  • Sequential alphanumerics
  • Barcodes: 1D and 2D
  • Photographs

With SubScribe technology, information is recorded within a material’s substrate, allowing it to withstand handling abuse and environmental extremes.

Also, information is recorded beneath the surface of the label so it cannot be removed or modified and remains highly secure.

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