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FileTrail Document Tracking

Never lose another file with FileTrail RFID

FileTrail, Inc. is the leading provider of browser-based file tracking and records management solutions. Organizations of all sizes rely on FileTrail to automate tasks and streamline processes with the latest technology and most configurable software. FileTrail offers complete file tracking and records management solutions, automating filing tasks from creation and labeling through archiving and final disposition. FileTrail installs on your server and is accessible anywhere without installing software at the workstation. Our easy-to-use browser tools allow all staff to search, locate, and request records with little to no training.
FileTrail for CourtHouses

FileTrail RF-DeskPad - PC-connected reader

Encased in soft foam, the DeskPad automates check-out at any PC workstation and is affordable enough to put at everyone's desk. Audible tones confirm that each file has been read and processed.

Idea: Plug a DeskPad into any PC to automate check-out to that person as they receive files.

Range: up to 10 inches

FileTrail RF-DeskTracker - PC-connected reader

The DeskTracker reads large stacks of files simultaneously to automate check-in and checkout. Long-range settings allow it to read from 5 feet away, making it ideal for a return counter or for desks of secretarial and administrative staff.

Idea: Use a DeskTracker in an attended file room to speed check-in and check-out of large volumes of files.

Range: Up to 5 feet

FileTrail RF-Tracking Tag

Applied inside a file, the Tracking Tag identifies each file from a distance, giving you fast and accurate tracking, easy location of lost files, and rapid access to each file's history. The smooth surface makes them more durable than foil labels, at a lower cost.

FileTrail RF-Mobile

Inventories in minutes instead of hours. A color touch screen makes all RF-Mobile functions easy to use without training. The QuickFind function allows you to quickly hunt through stacks and shelves without handling each file individually.

Idea: Locating missing files as you sweep the room with RFID. MobileTrackers accommodate audits of desks, offices, file rooms, etc.

Range: Up to 4 feet

FileTrail RF-ZoneTracker - IP-addressable network device

The ZoneTracker is ideal for conference rooms, high traffic areas and offices. ZoneTrackers in the ceiling passively track files as they are carried into or out of an office. Tracking is completely passive with no direct action required by staff.

Idea: Place a ZoneTracker in every office to completely eliminate the check-out task in the file room.

Range: Up to 12 feet

FileTrail RF-Enterprise

FileTrail's RFID middleware service manages the RFID data coming across your network.

Use RF-Connectors to update file locations and history in your current file tracking or records management software.

With FileTrail you get the latest, non-proprietary RFID technology with the most powerful and flexible RFID file tracking software available.

Multi-Office Architecture
FileTrail accommodates organizations with operations at multiple locations, providing real-time visibility at local, national or global levels of control.

Enterprise Security
FileTrail implements granular security rights to control access to functionality and data. This allows staff in each department, file room and office location to have appropriate access.

File Room Automation
The MyFileRoom™ dashboard provides file room staff with an overview of work to be done, including open requests, files to create, overdue items and more.

Desktop Automation
The MyDesktop™ dashboard provides all staff with an overview of open requests, items checked to them, overdue items and much more.

Active Naming™
FileTrail tracks the names of clients, vendors, employees, patients, etc., as aliases, retrieving all records in a search no matter which name you use.

Interactive Mapping
FileTrail shows item locations on your floor plans. Our QuickMaps tools can be added to other systems to provide one-click access to item locations.

Import and Synchronization
Sophisticated configuration and mapping allows you to map import data to load and update data from one or more upstream systems. Changes to data are logged in a field-edits audit trail.

Archiving Automation
FileTrail automates communication with your commercial records center, eliminating transmittal forms, emails, faxes, etc.

FileTrail's PowerPick tool provides flexible searching in long lists. This is ideal when working with projects, clients, client matters, vendors, etc.

Diverse Environments
FileTrail accommodates the distinct needs of each type of filing environment, including central file rooms, open file rooms, departmental filing, decentralized filing and records storage/warehousing.

One-Click Emails
FileTrail streamlines communications with one-click emails that fully compose an email and allow staff to modify the message before sending.

Your Choice of Business Models:

Customer premises based or Hosted and Managed by FileTrail

FileTrail’s Hosted Solutions help our clients manage hardcopy records without the capital expense of a traditional software project. Instead of installing the FileTrail software, FileTrail provides access to the software as a service. A low monthly fee replaces costs the client would normally incur for servers, server software, bar code scanners and upfront licensing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does hosting work?

A. FileTrail’s Hosted Solutions operate from a secure data center. The FileTrail software and your data reside on FileTrail’s servers. Users connect to their Hosted Solution via the Internet in the same way you would go to your favorite Web site.

Q. Who would choose a Hosted Solution?

A. FileTrail’s Hosted Solutions are ideal for organizations who either: a) need to minimize capital expenditures; b) prefer not to manage another system in-house, or c) have few enough records that a traditional project is not cost-justified.

Q. What is Hosted Express?

A. FileTrail’s Hosted Express is the low-cost Hosted Solution that provides tools for automating one file room with three CALs. Staff can create new items, print labels, check-in, check-out, archive, search, and more.

Q. What is Hosted Professional?

A. FileTrail’s Hosted Professional is the office-wide Hosted Solution with unlimited users for automating one file room. Hosted Professional provides all the file room automation of Hosted Express, plus tools for all staff in the organization to: search, request a checkout, request creation of new files, monitor outstanding requests, and more. File room staff gain additional tools for fulfilling requests, setting time limits, managing overdue items, ordering from archives and more.

Q. Can I upgrade from Hosted Express to Hosted Professional?

A. Upgrading is easy. Just contact your reseller or account executive to complete the annual subscription agreement. There is an upgrade fee, so it costs less to start with Hosted Professional if you think you will need to be at that level within a year. Once we are notified of the change, we can upgrade a customer within 24 hours.

Hosted Services FAQ

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