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RFID Reader (ALX-9010 Portal)

ALX-9010 Series Dock Door Portal Appliance for ALR-9800 Enterprise RFID Reader

The AlienĀ® ALX-9010 series of portal appliances provides a complete, easy-to-install, dock-door solution in a durable, serviceable package. Housing the industry-leading ALR-9800 Gen 2 RFID reader and up to four high-gain antennas, the ALX-9010 family ensures high read rates and effective RFID portal implementations.

Complete Dock Door Solution

  • Rugged and durable
  • Easy installation and service: access power, LAN and accessories via top panel
  • High performance, EPC Gen 2 Dense Reader Mode certified
  • Low profile single-sided, double-sided versions
  • Included horn. Optional light stack and presence detector
  • Safety and emissions certified

Rugged Construction

A rugged, unibody, steel chassis encloses RFID electronics and accessories. An integrated, 110 mil steel kickplate resists glancing blows from equipment and personnel. High-impact, RF-transparent industrial plastic covers ensure unimpeded transmission of RF signals, while presenting a sleek, professional appearance. Reader status lights are viewable through a clear plastic window. The safety-yellow chassis helps ensure visibility in high-traffic environments.

Easy to Install and Service

The appliance houses a reader and antennas, eliminating the need to route coax cable outside the cabinet. Sturdy mounting hardware for optional light stacks, presence detectors and wireless LAN provides flexibility in implementation. An integrated horn provides a programmable, audible alarm.

Installation is fast and simple; the unit does not need to be opened at installation. Complete access to AC power, LAN and accessory connections is available through a removable plate on the top of the unit.

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