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GPS Mobile Phone Tracking

Position Tracer

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PositionTracer is a GPS tracking software for Mobile phones, allowing to precisely track a person / vehicle or good in real time showing the current location on a geographical map. Through a panic button, people in danger could trigger an alarm. Thus, the software would send a SOS message to pre determined person, informing the exactly location of the user (supposedly in danger). This makes the PositionTracer really useful in the event of accidents, assaults, kidnapping etc.

PositionTracer for GPS-enabled cellular phones is a software that makes satellite-based live position tracking possible – exact to within a few meters, as opposed to normal cellular phone location determination. With this software solution, current locations and route histories can be easily tracked online on a map or satellite image in real time. Zones areas can be defined to trigger an alarm by e-mail, text message and messenger among other things, whenever anyone enters or leaves the area. In addition, a special "PANIC" button can be pressed to send an alarm signal together with location coordinates. Functions like these offer a great deal of protection for both people and property.


Why should you use PositionTracer?

Every day, several thousand of people are disappearing worldwide. Often these missing people are found. However, in many cases, their disappearance is never explained. Daily, thousands of these emergency calls are made by cell phones. However, only a minority of them indicate their exact location. This costs precious time that could save lives.

PositionTracer functions like a "Virtual Bodyguard", accompanying users through their daily routines. The software was especially developed to protect children, the elderly or those suffering from illness, employees and business people, as well as vehicles, machines, boats, and so on.

Possible application scenarios:

Children: The number of missing children is alarming. There are new missing people cases every day. Still, because parents can’t follow their children wherever they go, they have to trust them as they travel through their normal environment. For example, when children go somewhere on their bikes, their parents can only hope that they don’t stray from the planned route to their friends, relatives, school, etc.

Senior citizens: Life expectancy has increased and people are becoming ever more mobile and active as they age. Still, from time to time they overestimate their strength and capabilities. The number of home emergency calls rises every year.

Persons suffering from illness: People who are ill, particularly those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, often become completely disoriented when they are not accompanied. Sometimes they disappear without a trace and, in such cases, the police often conducts large-scale searches. Howerer, even these efforts are many times futile and the people simply cannot be found.

Sport and leisure activities: Extreme athletes are always exposed to potential risks. Sports-related accidents often occur outdoors in remote locations where every second counts in trying to save a life. But other accidents also happen every day to people engaging in leisure activities that are not considered extreme sports. Often help comes too late for these people as well.

Automobile accidents: Many people travel the highways daily on work-related business. After hours on the road, driving becomes routine, which can negatively affect a driver's concentration or ability. Dozing off just for a second can have deadly consequences. But even drivers unaffected by the routine of the daily drive beginning, for example – are subject to danger. In case of an accident, first aid can be vitally important.

Theft: Vehicles, boats and valuable property come with an increasing array of comprehensive security mechanisms. Nevertheless, the number of burglaries demonstrates that, in order to defeat the security systems, thieves continue to develop new methods as well. With PositionTracer, the location of the property can be tracked so that it can be promptly found when stolen.

What makes PositionTracer unique?

Worldwide 3D position tracking, exact to within meters

PositionTracer can exactly determine the current location of people, vehicles and goods to within just a few meters. Tracking is carried out in a three-dimensional format, which analyzes the following three factors: current elevation, speed and direction of motion. This is specially useful when searching for a person in a high-rise building, for example. The system's accuracy allows the specific floor location to be determined. The same happens for planes and helicopters, for which elevation, speed and flight direction can be determined at any time.

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Live position tracking online

Our software users can log into the private area of the PositionTracer server to carry out real time searches.

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Position archive

All distances covered and routes traveled can be analyzed. This feature is particularly useful for keeping a driver’s logbook current, or recording the routes of people and goods.

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Press one button to make an emergency call

People who find themselves in unsafe situations can send an alarm by pressing the special "PANIC" button to inform family members and indicate the exact current position. Example situations include disorientation, illness, accident, kidnapping, etc.

Location notification by text message or e-mail

As an option, notifications of location can be sent by text message or e-mail.

Over The Air (OTA) programming

All PositionTracer settings can be modified remotely by text message.

Locate yourself when on the road

PositionTracer allows users to locate themselves just using their mobile phone. In this case the software will show a geographical map on the screen of the mobile phone with the actual location. This mechanism helps when people are traveling and getting lost.

Alarm zone definition.

If PositionTracer leaves or enters a pre-defined geographic area (zone) - for example, if a child strays from the planned route to school, an automatic positioning alarm can be triggered. (Free upgrade)

Technical requirements:

The PositionTracer software is designed to be installed on GPS-enabled cellular phones. It is recommended that a phone with an integrated GPS antenna be used for this purpose. However, it is also possible to use Bluetooth to connect to an external GPS antenna.

The cellular phone should have one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows Mobile 5 and 6
  • Symbian 9.1 or greater

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