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FALKEN Secure Networks Inc. (FSN)

FSN Logo Provides world-class integrated, UNIFIED RFID and Secure Communications solutions for national and global enterprises.
The emerging corporate applications for secure and unified RFID Network solutions for Asset and Personnel Tracking, Chain of Custody, Document Tracking and Real-Time, Work-In-Process Visibility are focused expertise areas of FSN's RFID division. Further, we also leverage our Secure Communications business to ensure that our RFID proposals embrace best-practice security and authentication assurance as well. This, along with our industry-leading partner team, makes FSN a unique and leading Canadian System Integrator.

UNIFIED RFID - The next advance in business automation

FSN's Secure Communications Division provides industry-leading enterprise solutions for the growing and increasingly sophisticated threats from viruses, phishing and malware, internal and external information breaches, identity theft, email interception and to protect citizens, governments and enterprise brands by ensuring compliance with the variety of privacy and security regulations in force.

Email & Data Encryption - The Key to Security and Compliance

FSN is your complete solution source for secure, integrated RFID networks and enterprise communications security.

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost per compromised record is just under $200. They also put the average cost per breach at $6.3 million in legal and PR fees – and lost business. In the past, our reaction would have been simple: build higher and stronger walls. But today, you can’t do that and have a successful business. Decision-making depends on access to information. So, we must rethink our approach to security, toward marrying information and security into one unified whole. For the future, security must be enterprise policy-driven and automated and no longer be a function of the best, but unreliable, efforts of employees and business partners. We’ve recognized that security and data management are inextricably linked and together are the core of an information-centric approach to security. "We need to skate to where the hockey puck will be."

To safeguard your company, FALKEN Secure Networks offers various levels of security and RFID solutions, and the knowledge to recommend what is right for you. Trust our certified experts to customize a comprehensive plan for your company.

FSN has partnered with global leaders in Next Generation Secure RFID Networks, Information Encryption, Secure File Transfer, Identity Validation, Data Loss Prevention, Secure, Hosted and Premises-based Email, Archiving, eDiscovery, and Voice Encryption. FSN and our partners add their own industry-specific expertise, with a joint commitment of helping deliver networked RFID solutions, email security, archiving and data loss prevention and that are designed to meet and exceed the varied and complex needs of our customers.

In addition, our flexible application solutions may be provided on a hosted, managed service basis or on-premise as customer requirements dictate. We also present a vendor-neutral position to clients for RFID Tags and Readers to ensure we are solely guided by optimally solving the business and physics issues - not simply trying to push one vendor's hardware.

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